patricia turner art

Exhibitions January, February, March 2017 

See GALLERY page for Sarasota solo Exhibit Photos

"Viewpoints: All Sewn Up"   

"Stitched! Embracing the Quilt as ART"  

 Courthouse Gallery 

80 East Ocean Blvd, Stuart, FL

Reception January 27, 2017 

Artist Docents Feb 11 and 12

"Post Traumatic Stress Demons"

and "Maestro"

Juror Rosalie Dace

Catalog ("Maestro" pictured on cover)

"Florida Artists Group 67th Annual Member Exhibit and Symposium"

Coral Springs Museum of Art

2855 Coral Springs Drive, Coral Springs, FL

February 4 - 28

Reception February 10

Juror:  Jack Rasmussen, MFA, PhD

"Cellular Skyline"



Special Merit Winner, Light, Space & Time Gallery's "Citiscapes"  February, 2017