Now at the Alliance for the Arts, Ft Myers, FL 

"Pain, Process, and Promise" Exhibition

Friday July 10 through August 20

"Laura Got Lynched From the Bridge"

Recipient of the

AWARD OF EXCELLENCE from juror Sue Coe 

(secondary to Best of Show)

October through December, 2019

Reece Museum, Johnson City, Tennessee

FL3TCH3R Exhibit: Socially and Politically Engaged Art

"Primary Suffragists, Secondary Recognition"

Honoring the heroic Black Suffragists in "secondary" colors

Orange panel

         Sarah Redmond Parker

      Mary Ann Shadd Cary

      Charlotte "Lottie" Rollin

Purple panel

          Ida b. Wells

Green panel

          Soujourner Truth

       Hallie Quinn Brown

       Mary Charch Terrell

Faces painted with thread onto silk organza and mounted on custom acrylic support that hangs 5" from wall.  Piece measures 25 x 25" and is so light it moves with the slightest air, i.e. from an air duct.

"Earth's Super Heroes Battle Coronavirus in Immokalee" 

​"Florida's Flooded Future"

By mid century, Florida's barrier islands will be awash and abandoned; low lying coastal and Everglade's areas will completely flood on a regular basis. We will lose our freshwater resources, our infrastructure, and see the increase of catastrophic storm surges. 

Are we ready? 

"Wounds the Size of Oranges"

Foosaner Museum in Melbourne, Florida


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Our exhibits, presentations, symposiums, and receptions have everywhere been cancelled, rightfuly so, due to Covid 19.

I am trying something new, something I have been asked by so many of you to do for years....sell prints and canvas prints of my work. 

Prints below are all signed and numbered.

"Wounds the Size of ORANGES"

$39 plus shipping costs

11 x 14" Custom print on smooth Bristol 110 lb paper and matted.  Numbered and signed by artist.

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Mats and photos vary slightly in size and and mat color.

numbered. signed 11 x 14 standard and GW printed canvas also available

Piece statement mounted on back of thin canvas panel support

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​​"Post Traumatic Stress Demons"

“Although Post Traumatic Stress Disorder statistics vary widely, the Congressional Research Service estimates that among Iraq and Afghanistan Army war veterans PTSD is as high as 67%.  Statistics relating to military PTSD may vary but all studies agree on this: PTSD, depression, and suicide have increased at alarming rates among our nation’s veterans.  Due to woefully inadequate funding, our Veteran’s Administration has proved itself incapable of addressing these unseen wounds of war.
How long… and at what ultimate human cost… will we allow these demons to go untreated?”  

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patricia turner art

“Their exit wounds were the size of oranges”.

The size of oranges.  Emergency room doctors describe their horror and helplessness when addressing the immense damage done to our children by the bullets from an AR-15 semi-automatic weapon, damage that is impossible to treat successfully.  First responders are unable to stem the rivers of blood, physicians are unable to repair the massive tissue and organ disintegration. The shooter does not even have to make the effort to aim, once his target is hit it is a virtual death sentence. As one ER doctor said “They had no fighting chance at life”.

How does an artist convey her visceral reaction to this horrific imagery? And how does she plead with responsible gun owners to end this nightmare of private ownership of weapons that are designed for war? And how do we end the death grip of the NRA?

I wish I knew.


"Primary Suffragists, Secondary Recognition"

Grand Central Library, Manhattan, New York City


Exhibit: March 1 to .....extended   

Reception March 14, 2020

"Laura Got Lynched From the Bridge"

​see info below


​​"Laura Got Lynched From the Bridge"
52 x 28 x 12

  Laura Nelson, along with her son, L.D., were arrested after an incident involving a stolen cow, an incident that escalated.  After their arrest, an enraged mob of over forty white men broke them out of jail and lynched them from a bridge over the North Carolina River near Okemah, Oklahoma, on May 25, 1911. Both were repeatedly raped prior to the lynching.  The son was photographed lynched from the bridge with his pants hanging around his feet.  Laura’s son was 12 years old.   

Laura’s and her son’s photographs are the only ones we have today of a lynched woman and child although nearly all lynchings of the estimated 4,000 black men and over 200 women and children were photographed and printed as postcards.  These postcards were sent around our fair country the friends and relatives of the rapists and murderers and from the townspeople, ….as was customary after a lynching.  One mob member and Klansman was named Charley Guthrie.  Charley is the father of Woody Guthrie and the grandfather of Arlo Guthrie.  (Ironically, Woody’s “This Land is your Land” and Arlo’s “City of New Orleans” are two of my all time favorite patriotic folk songs.)

   In the one remaining black and white photo of this travesty of a woman and her child being lynched I could make out the difference in hues of the polka dots on the fabric she used to make her dress. As a textile artist, I recreated them individually in her honor. She also, as I could discern from the photo, made slippers or shoe tops to match her dress.

​I think that was the final spear piercing my already broken heart.


   ​"Social Media Suction"

An amazing 3 billion people worldwide are active monthly users of Facebook; they spend an average of 18 minutes per use. I have tried to wrap my head around just how that translates into real time.  
It amounts to 393 million hours per month, or enough time to
Assemble, start to finish, 34 million Cadillacs...per month!
Or fly around the earth on a commercial plane nearly 22 million times….per month!
Or enough credit hours spent in the college classroom to obtain a Bachelor’s degree for 6 million students....per month!  
Does anyone think we are wasting our precious time?

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