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"Social Media Suction"

is curently exhibited at the Florida Artists Group show in Naples, FL, at the Naples Art Association (formerly the Von Lieberg) from March 8 through April 6, 2019.  The Florida Artists Group (FLAG) is a juried member art association that has exhibited yearly since  1949.  It's upcoming 69th annual Symposium and exhibit will be held in May of 2019 at the Ringling College of 

Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida.

          Reece Museum    

 Their exit wounds were the size of oranges”.
The size of oranges.

Emergency room doctors describe their horror and helplessness when addressing the immense damage done to our children by the bullets from an AR-15 semi-automatic weapon, damage that is impossible to treat successfully.  First responders are unable to stem the rivers of blood, doctors are unable to repair the massive tissue and organ disintegration. The shooter does not even have to make the effort to aim, once his target is hit it is a virtual death sentence. An ER physician says “They had no fighting chance at life”.

How does an artist convey her visceral reaction to this horrific imagery? And how does she plead with responsible gun owners to end this nightmare of private ownership of weapons designed for war, to end the death grip of the NRA?

I wish I knew.


Solo, Juried, and Curated Exhibit May, 2018 through March, 2019

An amazing 1.3 billion people worldwide are active monthly users of Facebook; they spend an average of 18 minutes per use. I have tried to wrap my head around just how that translates into real time. That adds up to 393 million hours per month, or enough time to:
          Assemble, from start to finish, more than 17 million Cadillacs….per month!

          Or fly around the earth on a commercial plane nearly 11 million times….per month!
         Or enough hours spent in the college classroom to obtain a Bachelor’s degree for 3 million  
students….per month!

Does anyone think we are wasting our precious time?

3D Wall Hanging Diptych
36 x 42 x 15”Silks are tea-dyed and rusted by the artist using automotive brake pads. Crocheted border.  Guns and oranges are artist dyed and commercial fabrics, heavily beaded.  Mounted on painted toy guns.  

ORANGES”, about the human carnage caused by AR-15’s, was awarded the “Healthcare and The Arts” FL3TCH3R Exhibit award at the Reece Museum in TN last week by donor Dr. Eric Avery, psychiatrist and artist. Recently, 60 Minutes did a TV segment on this horrid topic; first responders now recommend we all carry “blood kits” to stem the blood flow of a mass murderer’s weapon designed for war, even in our children’s school backpacks. “Their wounds were the size of oranges.” #NEVERAGAIN  ​     


"ORANGES" has been awarded FIRST PLACE by Juror Nathan Beard at Art Center Sarasota.   At the Juror talk Tuesday, March 14, 2019

Juror Beard said:

"This work contains all the elements of art, put together quite powerfully.  The composition comes out at you ; it is at first deceptively soft and passive and then becomes a powerful statement that is confrontational and active without being violent.  Two children look at each other .....but what is obviously missing is an adult."

We, the viewers, are the adults.

The exhibit, "Unbound" has 150 juried pieces of all mediums.

The exhibit runs through April 19th, 2019.


"Post Traumatic Stress Demons" 
2014 34" x 22" soft art ​ $2800

“Although Post Traumatic Stress Disorder statistics vary widely, the Congressional Research Service estimates that among Iraq and Afghanistan Army war veterans PTSD is as high as 67%.  Statistics relating to military PTSD may vary but all studies agree on this: PTSD, depression, and suicide have increased at alarming rates among our nation’s veterans.  Due to woefully inadequate funding, our Veteran’s Administration has proved itself incapable of addressing these unseen wounds of war. How long… and at what ultimate human cost… will we allow these demons to go untreated?”.

Reece Museum Exhibit Photos

November, 2018

"Waging Peace!"
Museum of Fine Arts (MoFA) Tallahassee, FL
May 14 - July 8   

Reception Friday, May 18, 6-8 pm 

"FLIGHT"   installation

"Post Traumatic Stress Demons"

has been chosen by Juror Spencer Dormitzer of the Art Institute of Chicago for the

"Art of Armistice" exhibit in the

Target Gallery of the Torpedo Factory on the Potomac River in Alexandria Virginia.

The Torpedo Factory receives over 500,000 visitors per year.  This exhibit honoring our nation's veterans runs from October 27 through December 7, 2018. The reception will be held Friday, November 9 from 7-9 pm.

"Social Media Suction" by Jurors Alexis Mendoza, Raul Villarreal, and Amy Vigilante in the exhibit

"Creativity Takes Courage"

to be held at the Gainesville Fine Arts Association on Main Street in Gainesville, FL.

Exhibit dates are September 25 through November 12 with an awards rception at the GFAA Gallery Friday, September 28 from 6-9 pm.