patricia turner art

Artist Statement

My art addresses issues of social, cultural, and political concern. Utilizing familiar and iconic imagery, often of conflict and pain, and placing these images within backgrounds that are exuberant and colorful creates tension between the gravity of the subject matter and the cheery playfulness of the presentation. My goal is to disrupt complacency, encourage dialogue, and even provoke the viewer to examine issues that affect us all. The act of creating helps release my frustration over these thorny and complex ailments of our age.

I tempt the viewer's interest with vibrant colors and a variety of surface techniques. Initially, I paint with powdered dyes on silk (or archival paper) or I print my photographs on fabric with colorfast inks. I paint with thread utilizing the sewing machine's free motion feature, feed dogs dropped for control, with vivid rayon threads of all hues and sheen. Stitchery is my vehicle for mark making as well as for color blending. Embellishments complete the piece and may include my polymer clay figures, my separately constructed 3D fiber creations, or acquired items.

I aim to disrupt, to provoke, perhaps even to aggravate; always using my work as the catalyst for reflective thought. For me, this is the ultimate function of art.