Small Small Child Series

 patricia turner art

"Nightmare of a Small, Small, Child"

For decades I had a horrific recurring choice was to return to a bus of Nazi

terrorists or to walk upon a mound of body limbs.

I often wondered what precipitated such a nightmare.

This month, I received letters written from my father to my mother in in Berlin, 1945, shortly after the Russians bombed the city to rubble.  Somehow, this letter must have escaped the eyes of Army censors because it was quite graphic. 

I must have overheard him speaking of this as a very young child.

Although it was not in my nightmare, I included faces of myself "drowning" at the bottom of the piece.  this was because of a portion of the letter where my father somewhat nonchalantly  

mentioned 15,000 drowned workers in bunkers beneath the streets where he walked. The German SS had drowned them prior to being bombed and their bodies remained underground for months.

I will sign these works as P J Anderson, my small child name...and one i did not choose to change.  But that is another story.