patricia turner art

"Florida's Flooded Future: Redux"

Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum Art Gallery  

February 9 - April 30, 2021

3075 Sanibel Captiva Road, Sanibel Island, FL

Virtual Opening Reception and Awards Ceremony

February 9, 6:30  - 7:30 pm

Silk rusted with automotive brake discs, embellished church, 9 hand dyed silk origami birds s victims whose names are stitched in upper left.  This 3D wall hanging is so light the birds move with the lightest breath of air.

25 x 25 x 10"

Celebrating 131 years, NAWA is the oldest women’s fine art organization in the country, is a vibrant community of professional women artists that strives to support its members and women artists at large through exhibitions, programs and education.




40 x 30 x 14

Grandmothers of young black men quake in fear when their grandsons are outside of the home.....will they return safely?
Or will they be stopped for a routine police check and have their actions misinterpreted?
Or worse, will they be shot in the back or choked to death for a minor offense?
Or shot in their own homes?
Or Lynched by Knee while crying out "Mama"?
All too often a grandmother’s worst fears come true.  Today is Mother's Day; I think of and honor all grief stricken grandmothers.

71st Annual Florida Artists Group FLAG 
Annual Exhibition 
Dunedin Fine Arts Center   January 15 - February 28, 2021 


My work has been taken down from this exhibit (after carefully hung by the Curator) 

and DISQUALIFIED for both awards and catalog due to the

1/2 " diameter rope hanging the noose to the ceiling above "Laura".

I am quite saddened by this action taken by the Executive Board of the Florida Artists ​Group


National Association of Women Artists Group's NAWA LINK HERE  

"The Resilience of Grief"

February 1- April 30, 2021 LINK TO EXHIBIT HERE

"Laura Got Lynched From the Bridge"

​​See Piece Statement in GALLERY TAB

Treasonous Clowns

"A white supremacist, after being openly welcomed to a Bible study at Mother Emanuel church in Charleston, SC, killed 9 innocents. The relatives of those slain inside the historic African American church spoke directly to the accused gunman at his first court appearance. They did not turn to anger. Instead, they offered him forgiveness.  I ponder their collective spirit of Forgiving-ness in wonder."


CURRENT EXHIBITIONS​ and Distinctions 2021


Covid Ball extends 14 " out from piece, 100 photos of Covid scenes
with crocheted spikes

"Gunned Down Grandsons"

​Silk rusted with automotive brake discs, faces printed on crinoline, painted and stitched, hair and border cricheted yarns and meshed hand dyed fibers, mounted on two toy guns 60 x 20  x 7"

My installation, "Assault On Orlando" has been invited by well known political exhibit

  Curator Karen Gutfreund

 to be included in the

"Deadlocked and Loaded" Exhibit

February 11 - April 18, 2021

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