An amazing 3 billion people worldwide are active monthly users of Facebook; they spend an average of 18 minutes per use. I have tried to wrap my head around just how that translates into real time.  

It amounts to 393 million hours per month, or enough time to
     Assemble, start to finish, 34 million Cadillacs...per month!
     Or fly around the earth on a commercial plane nearly 22 million                 times….per month!
     Or enough credit hours spent in the college classroom to obtain            a Bachelor’s degree for 6 million students....per month!  

Does anyone think we are wasting our precious time?

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"Post Traumatic Stress Demons"

"Social Media Suction"

 patricia turner art

“Although Post Traumatic Stress Disorder statistics vary widely, the Congressional Research Service estimates that among Iraq and Afghanistan Army war veterans PTSD is as high as 67%.  Statistics relating to military PTSD may vary but all studies agree on this: PTSD, depression, and suicide have increased at alarming rates among our nation’s veterans.  Due to woefully inadequate funding, our Veteran’s Administration has proved itself incapable of addressing these unseen wounds of war.

How long… and at what ultimate human cost… will we allow these demons to go untreated?”

see prices for canvas prints below


"Wounds the Size of ORANGES"

$39 plus shipping costs
11 x 14" Custom print on smooth Bristol 110 lb paper and matted.  Numbered and signed by artist.
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Mats and photos vary slightly in size and and mat color.
numbered. signed 11 x 14 standard and GW printed canvas also available
Piece statement mounted on back of thin canvas panel support

​Original piece $4800
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