patricia turner art

You will be provided with blank white corrugated yard signs.  Or you can purchase them here and spread them around or Go WILD !!!!

The only requirements are that

1) they be non-partisan (altho you can't advocate for a candidate or political party you certainly CAN express your opinions through art about social issues

2)  They prominantly display the word     VOTE!   a template for these words isHERE

OR you may use your own version of the letters and exclamation point.

Doing both sides of sign is better than doing one.  But I will take either.

Examples:  I took old unused exhibit cards after an exhibit of mine (that displayed my piece about "Refugees Risking the Seas" ) cut them up, pasted them on the corrugated board, and used Mylar

(left over from daughter's wedding) to cut and paste on the word VOTE!  See AQbove

If you think it is necessary, spray them with a coat of varnish.  They will be exposed to the weather for one month.

They will not necessarily be returned.

Thank You so Much !!!

I owe a huge shout out of Gratitude to the WONDERFUL WOMEN of the Charlotte County League of Women Voters who, as individuals, donated

$90 to help purchase supplies for the community project "ART! Gets Out the Vote!" .  This will allow me to purchase 50 U-shaped struts for the fiber VOTE! signs and roughly 25 corrugated boards with "H" frames for the art VOTE! signs. 

THANK YOU Women of the Charlotte County League of Women Voters !!!!

Instructions for ART VOTE! signs


Instructions for  FIBER VOTE! signs

(ART! VOTE signs below)


1)   Use heavy weight double knit polyester   Note:.  If you can’t find at the quilt store or Joann’s try Walmart……or…..have fun going to thrift stores and find some old skirts etc and rock on.       

Or I will provide the fabric.


2)   Cut a single piece of fabric 25” wide inches by 14” high making sure the stretch is on the longer 25” side.

3)   Cut a “notch” at the top of both sides: 1” vertically  and ½ inch horizontally, these notches will be at the top of your VOTE! sign.   Fold ½” down each of the smaller sides and pin.  Sew both of the small sides down a ¼ inch wide making sure to secure the stitches top and bottom.  (The quarter inch seam is where the U-shaped sign struts will be


4) Use the VOTE! Templates provided   HERE 

(or get creative and make your own letters about the same size) and cut out.

Hint:  I save the page from which it is cut, tape up any cut part, and use it as a template as well)

PLEASE use ALL the fun colorful cotton cloth you want!  Or use up leftover trash fabric as long as it is not sheer and will last a month or more in the rain.  Pin…or…  I sometimes back the cotton with light fusible and iron on so it sticks on polyester and sews quickly.

Arrange them however you like, just make sure not to sew over the 2 quarter inch side seams.   Use a zig zag stitch if you have one.

I will provide all the sign supports that go into the ground.

That’s it   !!!!!   Easy Peasy!      HINT: Production lines are GREAT !

NOTE:  Signs will not be retun shipped altho you may pick them up after 
Nove,ber 5th.